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Published: Thursday 19 May, 2016

DC/DC converter converts a level of DC voltage to another level of the DC voltage of the circuit. The input of the converter is a has been through the filter of the DC voltage, but it can be fixed; the output of the converter is a variable DC voltage, but also for many applications designed for a wide range of output voltage. In addition to switching devices, the DC/DC converter also contains energy storage elements such as inductors and capacitors. Switching frequency of power devices is generally relatively high, the part can even reach several hundred kHz, so the size of the energy storage components can be very small. The efficiency of the converter can be very high, reaching more than 90%.
According to whether the use of isolation transformer, DC/DC converter can be divided into isolated DC/DC converter and non isolated DC/DC converter. Non isolated DC/DC converters generally have a switch and a diode, and some may also have an inductance and a capacitor energy storage components. Of course, there are some other types of non isolated DC/DC converter, its circuit topology has two switches, two diodes and some energy storage devices. In many applications, the electrical isolation of the input and output needs to be implemented in electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Isolated DC/DC converter is the basic topology of such a high frequency isolation transformer.
Electric and hybrid cars are the main three places used for high power DC / DC converter, boost converter for power transmission; for 12V electronic power supply circuit of buck converter; used in battery energy storage equilibrium of the converter. The non isolated DC7DC converter is mainly used in electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle, which is mainly used for driving the transmission system. The 12V electronic circuit in the new energy vehicle is mainly supplied by the buck isolated DC/DC converter.
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