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Published: Thursday 19 May, 2016

In recent years, the global fuel car ownership explosion, and brings bad effects on our environment, countries have introduced pollution control scheme, promotion of new energy vehicle has become a way to improve air quality, our understanding of the new energy car? Understanding of new energy vehicles: EV, BEV, HEV, PHEV.
Pure electric vehicles (Electric Vehicle Battery, BEV), is to advance the battery power supply to the motor, motor driven by the vehicle, and the battery power supply by external. Because the road surface will not be discharged, so the air will not be polluted.
Pure electric vehicles in the car with the energy stored in the car, equivalent to the general car fuel tank, to provide power to the motor, the motor can be converted into kinetic energy, to promote the vehicle, the structure is very simple.
Pure electric vehicle battery is used in the battery, after the power supply through the car outside the input power to charge the battery. Motor driven wheel can be like traditional vehicles like the differential drive to the wheels, a new approach is each driving wheel, each of which has a motor, the motor will contribute directly to the wheels, reducing the differential.
Motor usually except used to push the vehicle, the brake also earmark regeneration energy converter braking system, the vehicle's kinetic energy recovery transformed into electrical energy storage storage battery in. Unlike general motors, the motor is completely stopped when the electric motor is stopped, completely does not consume energy.
Battery performance determines the maximum travel of pure electric vehicles, charging time. Battery costs accounted for a large proportion of the overall cost, the amount of carbon emissions from manufacturing batteries accounted for a large proportion of the entire use cycle of carbon emissions (43%). So the battery is the most important technology for the development of pure electric vehicles, the important parameters of the battery performance are: battery capacity, charging time, battery life.
Today, pure electric vehicles are used in battery nickel hydrogen battery (Ni-MH) or lithium ion batteries (battery Li-ion), two kinds of batteries can be recycled. Lithium batteries, lithium batteries, lithium batteries, lithium batteries, lithium batteries, lithium batteries and lithium titanate batteries have been used.
Today's pure electric car performance in many aspects are quite good. Sports cars, the Tesla Roadster, accelerate from 0 to 97 km / h in just 3.9 seconds and common saloon car such as smart ED0 to 50km / h is 6.5 seconds. This is mainly due to the performance of the motor, but when used in the weight-bearing larger purposes, use pure electric vehicles is not much, which may is due to the cost and performance of the battery. In terms of torque is the strength of the motor, so the general purpose of the torque is not the problem.
As for the speed, a lot of pure electric vehicles can reach more than 100km/h, like Roadster Tesla a sports car more than 200km/h, and only need to turn a file.
Because of the motor's torque output stability control is also compared with the internal combustion engine easily, pure electric vehicles running more smoothly, small vibration and noise; also do not need to such as general motors that often shift to ensure that there is sufficient power.
New energy vehicles: PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle)
Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (hybrid electric vehicle PHEV, Plug-in) is a hybrid vehicle. The rechargeable battery can be charged with an external power supply, and the battery capacity is smaller than that of the electric vehicle, but the battery is larger than that of the common electric hybrid electric vehicle.
Plug in hybrid electric vehicle is designed for commuters, most commuters commuting distance within 10 km. In hybrid electric vehicle battery life as long as there are twenty or thirty miles that can satisfy most commuter demand (commuter does not need to start the engine).
In case of long-distance driving, even if the life force of hundreds of kilometers of electric cars may be no electricity, at this time in electric hybrid vehicle is the use of an internal combustion engine to provide energy, convenient similar with traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles; engine model is closer to the maximum efficiency of the constant speed operation, so very fuel-efficient, even let the rotor engine, turbo engine to achieve the goal of low fuel consumption and low pollution; some vehicles use small engines, and without the use of a complex transmission system, can offset the battery to increase the weight and cost.
But the mixed the shortcomings of the power car and plug-in hybrid vehicles may more serious, such as lithium, the cost of the battery, manufacturing the environmental cost of the battery.
Offering a hybrid electric vehicle is inserted: F3DM BYD (BYD), Chevrolet Volt (GM), the Prius III PHEV (Toyota).
New energy vehicles: HEV (hybrid vehicles)
Hybrid vehicles (electric vehicle Hybrid, HEV), is the use of two or more energy vehicles, the use of power sources are: internal combustion engine, motor, battery, hydrogen, fuel cell technology.
Most petrol electric hybrid cars use gasoline, although it consumes less gasoline, but the acceleration performance is good, is regarded as than ordinary vehicles more environmentally friendly choice of unleashed by the internal combustion engine. In recent years, some can be charged from the power transmission network to the internal battery, called plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (hybrid PHEV, Plug-in).
Most hybrid drive device is nothing more than an internal combustion engine or a motor, if a use of an electrically driven motor as one kind of driving device that can be battery of regenerative braking, the recovery of energy, in order to save energy, now more commonly used gasoline electric hybrid car belongs to this category. The driving device of the hybrid electric vehicle or the diesel electric power car can be simultaneously owned by the electric motor and the internal combustion engine, and the design of the motor is only used.
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