News; We suggest hobby users try alternatives in local shops

Published: Monday 27 February, 2017

For some converters with higher value, we strongly suggest hobby users or DIYer try local sources.

In the past few years, we had a few very unhappy experience with hobby users.

Recently a DIYer, Aaron, from Israel made us believe that maybe we should warn every hobby buyer or even cancel their orders of hihger value dc-dc converters.

Aaron was very angry with the isolated version converters he bought. After his angry emails, we knew that Aaron doesn't have basic knowledge to use/test the converter. Fortunantely the converter's integrated protection, he didn't damage the unit. However, he decided the converters were not what he had expected. And we refunded his payment.

We are not professional retailler on Ebay/Amazon. We cannot check buyers' education back ground for every order.

We wasted 1 week to produce the samples. We wasted the shipping fees. We wasted time to read to reply emails. Only to find out that we were educating a newcommer or even teenage.

We really hope to save time and resource from these kind of cases.

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