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low cost DC-DC Converter
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Low cost (non-isolated) DC-DC Converter FAQ

This FAQ page is for units look like pirctures on the left

What power capacity of covnerter should I choose?

Always leave a safe margin (20% is recommended). For example, if you device draw 80W from the power supply, you should choose a 100W converter.

Can the units work underwater?

The modules are potted. A few seconds into water is ok. But they are not designed to work underwater for long time.

Do these converters have short-circuit protection

Most of the converters are NOT short-circuit protected. Althouhg there is some protection for short time over current, but the converter will still be damaged if over current is continuous or happen repeatedly

Can you ship to our country? How much is the shipping fees?

We ship to world wide. The website can calculate the shipping fees automaticly. You don't need to register or pay anything to get shipping cost. Here's now to get to cost in 2 steps:
1. Add the items you need to cart
2. Cilick estimate shipping buttont

Can these converters use in parallel to achieve higher power capacity?

We strongly don't suggest such application. Because each converter, though the part number is the same, will have slight difference in output/resistance. This slight difference will often be enlarged when use in parellel. For example, if you use two 24V to 12V converter rated 120W output in parallel. If you use them to power a 150W device, one may take up 130W while the other only take 20W. This case will surely harm the one working at 130W.

How many can you produce in a month?

For standard types, such as 12V to 5V converter, which don't requires re-design, currently our production capacity is about 20,000 pcs per month.

Do they have reverse polaries protection at input?

No. This needs your extra careful. If you reversed the input polars, it will damage the converter in seconds.
Because the room is very limited and to achieve a higher convertion effeciency, we don't implement it for this series.

What if I need a similar converter but with customized input/outputs in low cost series?

It will cost engineering resources which is very limited and important to us. We only provide customize service for companies/enterprises.

Why the price is high / low compared to a very similar type?

This is mainly because of the quantity of the type we produce each time. Some modules have a regular demand every month, and we produce in big volumn. These modules will have very competetive prices. On the contrary, some modules are seldomly asked for, or don't have stock, we will charge a higher price to cover the costs.

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