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This table contains most frequently used AC-DC converters as standard catalog products for fast delivery. We also offer customized products. If you don't find specific type suit your need in this table, please contact us with your requirement.

These following AC-DC converters all can provide 3.3/5/9/12/25/24/28/48V etc output

Series Power Enclosure Dimensions Datasheet
CAG 75-150 Moistureproof 139*88*26mm AC-DC Converter Datasheet
CAH 150-250 Moistureproof 159*98*26mm AC-DC Converter Datasheet
CAL 300-500 Moistureproof 162*196*60mm AC-DC Converter Datasheet
CAS120 75-120 Open frame 98*89*45mm AC-DC Converter Datasheet
CAS300 150-300 Open frame 120*88*45mm AC-DC Converter Datasheet