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1 ~ 2000 Watts isolated DC-DC converters. Rugged designed, reliable industrial / military DC-DC converters.
DC-DC Converter

Wide selection of AC/DC power supplies, PCB mount, open-frame or chassis. Widely used in commercial, industrial and military fields.
DC-DC Converter


A wide selection of low cost DC-DC converters. They are economical options for commercial and industrial applications like robotic, golf carts, LED lighting etc.
Non-isolated DC-DC Converter

When applications cannot be fulfilled from our standard product range, our experienced R&D teams are ready to work with you to find solutions and develop new products.
dc-dc converter custom design power supply


Power Module for Solar Control

High input voltage DC-DC power module. DC-DC converters accept 100 - 1000VDC input, rated power 15 - 100W. Designed for solar power systems.
200-1000VDC to 24V, 100W
400-600VDC to 24V, 15W

CPT & Fulree Series Converters

Being compact size, reliable and low cost, CPT series have been well received for long time. We now also introduce Fulree series, which is a upgraded version of CPT converters.

How to select suitable DC-DC Converters

There are so many kinds of DC-DC Converters (DC voltage regulator) in the market for you to choose from. For example a dc-dc converter 12v to 24v search on internet will generate more than 100,000 results. Needless to say other phrases like dc-dc boost converter, dc to dc converter module...
Facing so many potential choices, you need some basic criterias to help you find suitable dc-dc converter from plenty of OEM, wholesaler and retailer.

DC-DC Converter for Common Cars

As a professional dc dc converter manufacturer, we also provide a wide selection of DC-DC converter for electronic vehicle. This kind of dc power supply is not only suitable for both professional EV, also a good choice in common car too power up your devices that operates in a different voltage than 12V/24V.
We have low cost dc-dc boost converter for cars, upto 500 watts. And normal buck converters for a even wider range. Please check our ability!


Custant Current Waterproof LED Driver

LED lights are getting more and more popular. Current Logic now introduce a selection of waterproof LED drivers, both constant current and constant voltage power supplies are available. These reliable LED power supplies can help you quickly design and realize your LED products.

DC-DC Converter For EV

DC-DC Converter For EV

Adjustable DC-DC in low power range now provides a selection of adjustable DC-DC Converters, which is very convenient to integrate into user's prototype / design projects. These output adjustable dc-dc converters are usually open-framded unit for prototyping or experiment work.

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